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The Concept

Manage your event from budgeting to return on investment, all in one place

myfairtool prepare trade show


Enjoy tips and checklist for your trade show preparation. Budget easily, control your costs, track expenses and income.

myfairtool attend trade show


Capture details of your booth visitors digitally, scan business cards, add pictures and comments. Send them automatic emails.

myfairtool convert customers after fairs and trade shows


Access detailed statistics, analyze your events' performance, get a clear picture of your leads conversions and team's effort.


Nothing to download

Available on Mobile, Tablet and Computer, directly accessible from your browser

myfairtool available on tablet, laptop and mobile


Control every aspect of your exhibition's sales funnel

myfairtool budget tool

Event planner

Budgeting and planning interactive guidance. Control your expenses, optimize your ROI.

myfairtool email template

Templates builder

Prepare dynamic emails to send instantly from your booth after meetings. Send your follow-up, link to your brochures - easy & customized.

myfairtool tags prospects

Prospects tags

Easily categorize exhibition leads with tags. Create specific labels for what matters in your business - products, countries, price, etc.

myfairtool leads collection

Data capture

Capture your visitors details digitally, from your booth. Scan business cards, take notes & photos - collect leads in a few clicks.

myfairtool email follow-up

Multiple accounts

Create sub-accounts for your coworkers. Keep track of your team performace, consolidate all collected data.

myfairtool analyze return on investment


Access a complete statistics page in your dashboard. Monitor your past and current events' performance.


So, what do I need to do?


Start with planning and budgeting your event – myfairtool helps you with a detailed checklist of all things to prepare and enables you to budget each item and control your costs.

Prepare some email templates with links to your brochures to automatically send to your leads during the show and make a list of tags you will use to categorize them easily.


Capture leads information directly from your booth – scan business cards, record visitor’s name, contact details, company, industry, product interest, specific comments, photos, tags, all is saved in a few clicks on your phone, tablet or laptop. Send thank-you or follow-up emails instantly with the dynamic templates you created earlier – your visitors will be amazed by your reactivity!

Your team members share the same tool and save data the same way.


No delay in your follow-up: your prospects have already received your thank-you email and remember you. Time to check the detailed list of leads collected by you and your colleagues – access it through your dashboard or download it in excel formats. You can now perform a thorough follow-up and push your prospects further down your sales funnel or import your prospect list directly in your usual CRM – Outlook, Salespro or others.

Access your analytics dashboard to visualize your performance – number of leads collected, daily peak periods, staff efficiency, cost per lead, return on investment, events comparison… everything is there! Evaluate your success instantly before your next event.

They used myfairtool

... and improved their trade shows results

myfairtool convert customers after fairs and trade shows

For Sales

"I was trained to use the old fashion way: pen & paper. myfairtool takes me to the next level by providing a modern and efficient way to operate on the field, scan business cards and follow-up from the office."

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myfairtool trade show organizer

For Event Organizers

"Exhibitors have more choice than ever when it comes to choosing the right trade show: providing them with useful tools & services increases their chances of success, satisfaction and loyalty to your exhibition. "

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myfairtool consolidate fair data

For Managers

"My team and I are now able to insure a real follow-up on trade shows and exhibitions. We scan business cards, collect and categorize leads, reply inquiries instantly and analyze what can be improved for the next event."

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