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Going #paperless at trade shows

Upload your catalogs, brochures and flyers and distribute digital files

3 reasons to go paperless at exhibitions


Printing, sending, organizing pamphlets and other marketing materials takes time and money - change that!

myfairtool trade show paperless solution


Buyers visit many booths and hate to cary documents & papers around - make their lives easier with digital files!

myfairtool trade show paperless solution


Printing papers, leaflets and products details creates unnecessary wastage - save the earth, go digital!

myfairtool trade show paperless solution
paperless eventtech myfairtool

myfairtool helps with my files and much more!

myfairtool event budget planner

Event planner

Prepare your budget, control your spending, enjoy planning checklists to help you organize your booth.

myfairtool leads capture

Leads capture

Scan business cards, capture prospects details with photos and tags digitally, no paper involved.

myfairtool follow-up emails

Follow-up emails

Send emails instantly from your booth, based on pre-written templates to save your time.

myfairtool paperless

Cloud storage

Upload brochures, pricelists and flyers and send digital files - save money & efforts, satisfy visitors.

myfairtool time saving leads follow-up

Time saving

No need to spend days reading hand-written notes - everything is saved digitally, follow-up quickly.

myfairtool data analytics


Access ROI and cost per lead data, review team performance and compare past events.

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