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myfairtool is a unique exhibition software (SaaS). First you choose your event in our list (or suggest one otherwise), then you create a few tags for your own convenience, setup a few email templates to follow-up with your visitors, upload your digital brochures, flyers and pricelists if you want to and get ready for your trade show!
Use it to record information from each visitor you meet, scan business cards, add tags, photos and comments as you wish and save.
Once back to your office, all your data is waiting for you in our CRM. Export it all in convenient formats with a single click if you wish to re-use it elsewhere. It's THAT easy!
During the event you may want to send thank you or follow-up emails to your visitors. To save your time doing so, you can prepare templates before the exhibition and have them sent instantly when you record leads. These templates are dynamic: this means that specific fields such as [first_name] will automatically be replaced with the visitor's information (in this example, his first name). This powerful feature enables you to create an infinity or personalized emails in just a few clicks!
Don't worry - you can still customize your emails before sending them out!
Tags help you categorizing your visitors. Before the event, we invite you to create a few labels called "tag" that you could easily select during the collection process. For example, you might want to create tags to categorize the quality of the lead, the country of origin or the product interest.
While recording your visitors information you will be able to select these tags and save precious minutes of data entry.
Yes you can!
If you need to have multiple users sharing the same data, we can help you link several accounts - one will be called 'Admin' and have access to everything while others will only access their own info. Create multiple sub-accounts from your Account page.
The strength of myfairtool comes from its unique approach of fairs, trade shows, exhibitions and conferences. That being said, you are free to use it in any other environment. Nevertheless, we will only be adding official referenced events to our list of shows.
There are a few things you can do to prepare your event efficiently with myfairtool.
First of all, you should use our platform to set your budget, plan your event and track your expenses.
You should also prepare some email templates that will help you sending automatic and dynamic follow-up emails.
Then, you can create a few tags for the event and save precious minutes on your booth.
You are also able to set individual targets for your team members and track their progress.
You might want to upload some files (brochures, catalogs, flyers, pricelists, etc.) in our cloud library to easily share these with your visitors.
Finally, you should setup your Company Page to promote your booth and products and receive appointment requests. Use our Meeting schedule to manage your calendar efficiently and optimize your event.
Yes you can!
While all recorded data is available on your dashboard, it can also be easily exported in excel formats.
From your dashboard you can access the page "Data" where you could modify anything you have previously recorded. myfairtool works as a simple post-event CRM - update your data, manage it, export, set reminders and follow-up with your prospects.
We offer an OCR feature you can use to scan business cards and automatically pre-fill your form. Visit the Lead Capture page and press the Scan a Business Card button - it takes only a few seconds for us to scan and read your business card then pre-fill your lead capture form.
If you use a mobile device, simply take a photo of the business card as you click the Scan button, we'll do the rest!
The pictures upload feature can be very handy! You can easily upload up to three pictures for each visitor you encounter. We freely host your photos and make them available for you with each report. You could use it to take photos of business cards, photos of your visitor or his products' interest, for example.
Register now to experience myfairtool and try all our awesome features! Once ready to go big, let us know!
We are here for you! Contact us now with your specific needs, we'll get back to you with a solution!
If you have a trade show, convention, exhibition, conference or fair that isn't listed on myfairtool, let us know! Sign in your account and Select an event: if you can't find yours in our list, you can suggest any event of your choosing! Same applies for cities.
It takes us a few hours at most to add the event to the list.
myfairtool is specialized in events: whenever it comes to exhibitions, trade shows, conventions, expos, conferences or fairs there's no better way to record visitors details! We help you save data, categorize leads, add photos and comments, scan business cards and export it all in comprehensive reports.
You can also use myfairtool as a full post-show CRM: add reminders, update prospect status, send emails, export your data.
No! myfairtool is a SaaS available from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone). All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

We also have an app for Android to use myfairtool even without internet - this app is currently in beta test, please contact us to access it.
Nothing but a device (computer, tablet, smartphone) and an internet connection.
myfairtool is a SaaS and compatible with any device as long as it has a browser and an internet connection. It may happen that due to security settings some browser respond less well than others - try to use a different browser to solve the problem.
The 'normal' account is what we call an 'admin / manager' account - it has full access to everything. It can create and update sub-accounts, it can set targets for all and decide to lock them, it can lock the budget sheet, it can lock the company page and it can access all leads captured by any sub-account.
The sub-account has a much more limited access: it cannot change the company name or logo, it cannot use its own files to display on the company page and it can only access its own leads through the CRM.

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