myfairtool Event Planner

Event Planner

enjoy a full event checklist with tips & suggestions
myfairtool Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator

plan your spending, control your expenses, calculate your ROI
myfairtool Individual targets

Individual targets

set unique objectives for each member of your team and track results & achievements
myfairtool Email Templates

Email Templates

create dynamic email templates to follow-up faster with your visitors
myfairtool Tags


create tags to easily categorize and filter your leads after the event
myfairtool Digital Library

Digital Library

digitalize all your brochures, catalogs and flyers to distribute them easily and reduce costs & efforts
myfairtool QR codes

QR codes

print QR codes on your marketing collaterals and booth decoration for visitors to download your files
myfairtool Company Page

Company Page

build a page to present your company & display your products, increase visibility & booth traffic
myfairtool Twitter Promotion

Twitter Promotion

link your twitter account to promote your booth automatically without efforts
myfairtool LinkedIn Automation

LinkedIn Automation

connect your linkedin company page and automate booth promotion for higher traffic
myfairtool Meetings Scheduler

Meetings Scheduler

setup & manage booth meetings, receive appointment requests, stay on top of your schedule
myfairtool Cards Scanner

Cards Scanner

scan business cards with your smartphone or tablet's camera to save visitor data
myfairtool Leads Capture

Leads Capture

collect visitors information, add photos and notes easily
myfairtool Offline Access

Offline Access

capture leads, even offline, with our Android app for smartphone & tablet
myfairtool Instant Follow-Up

Instant Follow-Up

send instant follow-up emails, from your booth, with customized dynamic templates
myfairtool Email Tracker

Email Tracker

track when your prospects open your emails, read them and click on links
myfairtool CRM


manage, export and update your leads, set reminders and send emails
myfairtool Data Export

Data Export

export all your leads in .XLS or .CSV format to reimport them in other platforms (Mailchimp, SalesForce, etc.)
myfairtool Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

track your progress - leads collected, money spent, ROI, schedule
myfairtool Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts

get your whole team to use the same system, monitor their results