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Do you make data-driven decisions? Do you know your event-ROI?
We help business owners better control their event.

What you get

You invest thousands of dollars to exhibit at a trade show but do you really control your results? myfairtool is a unique exhibition software assisting you at every stages of your event management.


Project your expenses, control your budget, manage your meetings schedule, set individual targets and make sure everything is on track for your exhibition.

myfairtool CEO business owner


Your booth team scans business cards, record prospects details and send instant thank you emails in only seconds - your sales team has never been more efficient!

myfairtool CEO business owner


Visualize your team's achievements, access your Cost Per Lead and Return On Investment, track your leads details and convert your prospects into customers.

myfairtool CEO business owner


myfairtool event planner and budget

Event planner

Prepare your budget, control your expenses, organize your booth and remain on top of things.

myfairtool meetings appointment schedule

Meetings schedule

Receive appointment requests, arrange meetings, control your schedule and access it anytime.

myfairtool multiple account

Multiple accounts

Set individual targets, track your team's results, access all leads and assign tasks.

myfairtool leads capture business cards scanner

Leads capture

Scan business cards, add notes, tags and photos, send instant thank-you emails to your prospects.

myfairtool CRM safe data

Complete CRM

Customer details is the core of your business - control your sales funnel, set reminders & convert prospects.

myfairtool analytics


Access statistics from your dashboard. Monitor past and current events' performance.

... and much more!

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