myfairtool trade show lead capture form

You want to ease your job & maximize your results

but how to convince your boss this is a small investment for a large return?


Your boss only cares about one thing: success. He invests tons of resources in the show and it is essential to get things right - a positive ROI is vital. The methods and work required are not important - only reaching the goal matters.

You want to ease your work and increase your output, but don't know how to convince your boss?

myfairtool provides your company with a set of tools that will reduce expenses, increase efficiency, and boost your results - exactly what your company needs!

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myfairtool save hours of work


you no longer need days to read handwritten to follow-up with prospects - we speed up lead capture, follow-up, data treatment and let you focus on what matters most: converting prospects

in average, myfairtool saves 10 days of work per show

myfairtool boosts your efficiency


capture leads from your phone or tablet, add tags to easily identify and organize them, use templates to improve your follow-ups and reduce human errors and poor handwriting

one person can do the work of three & reduce expenses

myfairtool makes money


follow-up faster than any other exhibitor, display care and reliability to your visitors, set reminders & control your sales funnel - you convert prospects while others still organize their paper leads!

in average, 35 to 50% of post show contracts go to the first exhibitor to follow-up

... and many more benefits to you and your boss!

Give us your boss details - we can help you out!

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